container mania


Looking forward to spring already! It’s rare to need a pair of sunglasses like these, this time of year.

Also, not the time of year you would expect to do much flower arranging. And yet this is the time I find I wish for it most. I’m not as busy frolicking in the sun light and celebrating the bounty of summer at markets or on road trips to my favorite places in state. Rather I’m looking at what’s close around me, the small miracles of a quieter season.

These arrangements came together last spring and are a good example of some of the materials I will get to be working with soon. Hellebores towards the end of their bloom turn pink and scatter their seed, heather is tipped in red from the frost and cold, ajuga in plum and chocolate hues brighten and glow once set near a window.

It’s good to have a few unfinished projects like these pictures here to go back to. Living the four seasons means that you get to refine your sensibility.




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