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Light Perspective

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012


With very few flowers in bloom winter is a chance to notice other elements. I cherish waking up in the morning to this scene outside my window.



Sometimes all you need to do is play with the shift in perspective that comes with the sun lower to the horizon. And because the early morning is full of shadows the honey colored morning light plays off the darkness.



This is my favorite moment of the day. When the sun glides in underneath the giant tree and casts it’s long fingers between the slots of the fence and onto the forcythia there. If only I could compose some music to go with how this display of morning light makes me feel. The wind chimes work in a pinch, to make you feel the weather that comes with the season.


reflection ponds at the reserve

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012


This last week I caught a ride to Bainbridge on the ferry. When the sun is shining there is no better place to be. The sky and the water collude in a brilliant display of eye dazzling sun shine. There you are in the center of light from above and below being carried away from the city, its mire of requests and responsibilities to something entirely new and refreshing. Breezes tousle people’s hair on deck as the city pulls away, as if to signal a reordering of your inner life.




When I arrived at the destination of my longing, Bloedel Reserve, it was afternoon. Dolphin Road in February… The sun was slanted at such an angle underneath the trees, no wind, no leaves. The place was utterly quite, warm, and delicious… a spirit of benevolence that belongs with a well tended forest.




At the ponds I was pulled through to infinity.

Reflection upon reflection upon reflection followed…



And then suddenly I chanced upon some gardeners. We chit chatted about what they had been up to the past year. Building a nursery, and growing all the plants for it… A plant sale that drew over 3,000 visitors. Detail for the bigger picture.



The director Ed Moydell was up to something, always.

In fact I learned he was just up at the house so I dropped in for a little conversation. The living room full of golden mirrors. A beautiful flower arrangement placed near us. A few words about the Friends of the Conservatory that I needed advise on. On my way out, all these lovely surroundings so carefully placed, of course a Chaplain esque moment ensued. I nearly opened the door into my own face (if only I’d had a hat to toggle) tra la! something to break up all the beautiful symmetry. Of course Ed said the most beguiling words the moment he ascended the stairs that caught my frame of mind in a snap shot. Quite like him… Anyway, I must get back…