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Fall for Chrysanthemums

Sunday, November 20th, 2011

Spider Chrysanthemums

Chinese lanterns and Kermit Chysanthemums

Coleus and Mums

Purple fountain grass and Canas

Purple fountain grass and Phormium

Bronze bell and gazing ball

Maidenhair fern and red coleus

Purple fountain grass and Chrysanthemum

Coleus and Canas

Fatsia and Iris

Calathea and light…

This gorgeous display will be available for viewing, at the Volunteer Park Conservatory until Thanksgiving weekend. Don’t miss it!






Shapeshifting with the Seasons

Friday, November 4th, 2011

Today I was lamenting, after spending a few hours in the giftshop volunteering, that I hadn’t brought my camera with me to snap some photos of the gorgeous seasonal displays. When I arrived home I realized I had these photos of the Conservatory from last fall (you can see the mopish heads of the chrysanthemums on the right like some disheveled hair do)…

Where does the time go? I promised myself to do a little catch up at that moment. After a summer that was so full of surprises I rather felt like I’d lost myself in translation. I was ready to do a pat down and see if I was all there!

And now here fall is reminding me that I have all winter to sort through photos, write stories, and wonder about things. That is the gift of this season, how it evokes a wonder filled reflexivity. After being outside all summer you get to go inside. The warmth of the summer sun and it’s memories haven’t faded, an inherent thankfulness for what’s been given, as well as a sadness over loosing parts of yourself that won’t be expressed in the seasons to come.

These light filled photos with the bold cannas, the purple fountain grass, and the chrysanthemums, evoke something of this spiritual season. The windows, the shadows, the space for imagination. I find myself looking at these shadows wanting something from within them to take on dimension. Shape shift through hues of blue and purple.