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Favorite thing #1

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I’ve already gotten caught off guard by one rainstorm this season. So besides pulling out my sweaters from their trunk this weekend I also decided it was time to give another protective layer to my old oil cloth coat. I bought this antiquated piece new in Scotland a few years back and have enjoyed the fantasy that goes with wearing it ever since (It goes something like… I’m headed out for a little inspection of the estate and perhaps a walk on the Moore, jolly good, then back in time for a nip of tea!) All I had to do was sit down with my honey and a movie, project in hand… By the end of the flick my lovely coat was not the only thing that was renewed. My poor dry gardeners hands were too. I’d forgotten I loved the coat not just for the fantasy that I lived a country manor life but also the reality that hands working outdoors need softening and protection.

Needless to say, my Barbour takes good care of me.

In a town apparently devoted to Gortex Seattle actually has a longer history with oil cloth. Filson’s is our local version of Barbour, and is where I go for tins of oil and outdoorsy accessories.

Ikebana at the Conservatory

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

The Sogetsu School of Ikebana is showing a fresh collection of arrangements at the Volunteer Park Conservatory. Imagine chrysanthemums, flax, and other familiar tropical flowers and foliage bending your ideas of traditional flower arranging. My take home: flax has a thousand possible uses!

**If you happened to miss this display their will be a fresh new group created this weekend Oct. 10th!

Sweet highs

Monday, October 4th, 2010

This weekend I got a new view of my home town! My sweetheart and I had purchased a helicopter tour of Seattle this summer through a Groupon offer and we decided it was time cash in our coupon for a ride! I’m a total fiend for maps… so this experience was like a real life map, that you could zoom down into, and explore from every angle imaginable in real time! I was in heaven, especially when Duke our pilot was game to go check out some things a little off the beaten path of a regular tour. With a little check in with the flight tower and an okay we peeled off on our own. Turns out Duke had lots of good memories of Volunteer Park as a kid and I think enjoyed flying over the local spots as much as me! Heli geekin’.

I mean the Space needle was cool and all but the everyday hangouts were the most memorable. And I made sure to snap a few aerial shots of my favorites, like the Conservatory, to share later. Now that I know the lay of the land a little bit more I’d love to go for another ride some time… Maybe in a balloon with a glass of champagne and a picnic in hand? I won’t say no if Groupon extends an offer!